Sunday, March 14, 2010

Has Church Doctrine of the Past Been Correct

What if everything we have been taught about endtime prophecy has been wrong.
What if not only is the European Union (the revived Holy Roman Empire) involved ,and Isreal,and the Middle East but another country that has linked both east and west over the centuries. That country has been Turkey. It has been the land bridge into the Middle East and the Orient since the time of Marco Polo. Now in these last days it will again play a pivotal part of prophetical prehistory you might say.
I just heard the other day about this Muslim leader by the name of Adnan Oktar,who is calling for the rebuilding of Solomons temple. As it goes,the Jewish Sanhedrin has meat with this guy and has come out with a statement for a call for the Temple Mount to become a house of prayer for all nations. All under a type of an Abrahamic umbrella. Christains, Jews, and Muslims, all claim Abraham as their father, and they are all right. Christians by faith, Jews by the Law, and Muslims by the flesh.  So Turkey is the only hope for the Middle East. It is a nation that can bridge the west with the east. It has ruled the whole Middle East for 700 years up until WW1. So therefore I would keep my eyes on Turkey, because out of this nation will come a charismatic man called the Antichrist. You will be surprised at who he is not  because of biblical qualifications that he must meet to fill this position. and President Obama only meets some of the requirements not all. So check back in a few more days and I will be posting more insight into this enigmatic controversy..

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