It used to be, whenever you read the book of Revelation, that a person could get lost in all the symbolism and coded rhetoric that was in there. Readers would leave half confused and coming up with their own conclusions of what is going to happen "in the future". Well The good Lord did say that in the end-time that this book would be opened up. So therefore since it is the end-time, I would say that there must be an understanding of this book of mysteries, the book of Revelation.

I know that there are a lot of traditional thought on certain passages of this book, but for the sake of keeping this short and in context of the subject matter,the four horsemen of the apocalypse, lets start by saying that a lot of this information will come as a surprise or new to most church going people. Because of the fact that they have been taught a traditional way of thinking on these subjects. So here comes a different paradigm.

The four horses are each of a different color, White, Red, Black, and Pale horses. These are spirits that are gone out into the earth to patrol it according to Zep: 6 . That is the corresponding scripture that parallels the book of Revelation. Religious people have always either put things in the past or push it off to the future. There is a good example of this in the bible when Jesus was talking to the woman at the well. She said that "our fathers said" " when the Messiah comes", he will show us which mountain to worship on. then Jesus responded and said " I am he". The statement "our fathers said" is in reference to the past. The statement "when the messiah comes" is a reference to the future. Then Jesus brought it into the now or present tense and said "I am he". Religious minded people will always relegate it to the future or to the past, but never today. Here are some examples of what the scripture tells us of the current tense of Jesus...Today is the day of salvation...not yesterday or the future. Another example ... Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. The term "Now" is present tense.... not past faith or future faith but "now" faith. So with this in mind lets decode the mystery of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Lets break this down into two groups Red and Black. Then White and Pale.

These two (Red and Black) are opposing forces and they are political in nature. So when a country ( the Red Horse), that has a revolution and start killing each other, and getting rid of capitalism and wanting everything to be for the common good of the people and a evenly shared benefit for all, we usually call that communism. And that political color is Red. Examples.. Red China, Russia was called the Reds during the cold war. The rider on this horse had a big sword in his hand. This represents military might. For which all communistic nations have always pushed and bragged about was their military might.

The next horse ( the Black horse) represents the opposing force of communism and that is free enterprise or capitalism. Whereas in communism every one works for the common good,together for a shared benefit. Capitalism is everyman for himself and what's in it for me so that I can make a profit. The color of capitalism is black. Have you never heard of the black market, were in the black, black Friday, when the banks collapsed. These are terms for either losing profit or making profit. That horse went to the north countries, ( or Northern Hemisphere). Europe,Canada,America all in the northern hemisphere, all capitalistic, and all have gone thru the industrial revolution. That's is where the money is. This rider had a pair of scales or balances in his hand, this represents free trade. Look at our currency in America. It has a pair of balances on the front of every bill we use. It is inside the seal on the right side of the face of whoever is on that bill.

Now in the passage of the Black horse the good Lord tells the rider not to hurt the oil or the wine. The Oil represents the inward annointing, the wine represents the outward annointing. So therefore this tells me that all evangelism came or comes from independent capitalilstic countries that embraced freedom of religion and free trade. Like Germany,with Martin Luther. England, the United States. There was freedom to preach the gospel in these countries that embraced freedom of religion. The oil and wine represents evangelism ( the preaching of the gospel),for which the rider was not to harm.

Image via WikipediaThe next two horses ( the White and Pale) are opposing also but not politically but rather religiously. The first of this group is the white horse. It's rider was given a crown and it had in it's hand a bow and it was given the commandment to conquer and to conquer. You will notice that the rider was not given any arrows, ( big clue). This tells me that the person of this religious position had the power to pull strings ( the bow in his hand). But not to make war, there was another authority for him to influence to do that. The kings had authority to make war or peace. So therefore this figurehead had the authority over the king to influence his every decision. If you recall in history that the Pope received a triple crown tiara around 932 Ad. and that he influenced every King of that day all thru the era up until now. Generally speaking that was called the Holy Roman Empire started by King Charlemagne. It lasted up until Napoleon. One thousand years. The current European Union is a revival of the Holy Roman Empire. This has been prophesied also in the Bible. But back to the white horse. The Bible says that it followed the black horse into the north country and quieted the spirit of God. And that's what the Spanish inquisition did. It put to death and conquered and subjugated everyone under their influence and forced them into Catholicism. This white horse followed the black horse represents the religious want for money. It knows where the money is. Just look at the Vatican and the cathedrals of Europe. Lavished with gold.

Now let's look at the last horse on the list, the Pale horse. If you look up the word pale in the original Greek it would say "chloros". This is the base or root word for chlorophyll the greenish liquid in plants. The translators of the day missed this one. This should have been translated as green or pale green. Now what religion in the world has green for its holy color...Dah. Could it be Islam...Yep. The Bible says that this horse went to the south country ( southern hemisphere). And that it was given one quarter of the earth. Now if you look it up on the computer, Islam has 25% of the control of the world's population. That would represent one quarter of the earth's population. Wow, just what the Bible has said. This horse represents terrorism and death, and remarkably that is what they believe, it follows them. All of the Islamic nations of the earth reside in the southern hemisphere.

In conclusion all these influences of the world in which we live in today have all stated in their belief system that they all want to conquer and dominate the world. The capitalistic nation against the communistic nations and the catholic nations of northern Europe against the Islamic nations of the southern hemisphere ( the crusades).

All four horses represents deception in that there is no salvation except thru the gospel of Jesus Christ, for which the Lord said not to hurt nor harm the oil or wine.

This viewpoint of bringing the book of Revelation from the future to the present I got from reading Irvin Baxter's material for which I will be putting a link in later this week, so he gets the credit.

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