A lot of western thinking people are not aware that Assyria even exist today. They just have a mind to think that it was a great civilization during the beginning of time during the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia. But the truth of the matter is that the Assyrian people groups are not an extinct race of people. They have a national flag, a national anthem, and are proud of being Assyrian. They live in and around the area of northern Iraq, and have spewed over into neighboring countries as well. One of the countries that they live in is Turkey. Like the Mexicans that live in the USA, they still claim thier nationality, culture and bloodline of who they are. A very proud and determined people group that has not been given a national homeland amoungst the nations of that area. They take up the citizenship of whatever country that they live in but still claim thier linage. I have gone to You Tube to gather up some videos to show the people that come to my blog a variety of the Assyrian life in the world today. Most of these videos are in thier national language so just bear in mind that the internet is for everybody, world wide, even them.

This is one of the reasons that I believe that the future antichrist will come from Turkey. Is that there are currently resident Assyrians that have assimulated into that country and became citizens of that country but not denied thier own heritage. The Assyrian people where some of the first christians in time. You may remember that the Apostle John wrote to the Seven churches in Asia Minor. Well that happens to be Turkey of today. Islam was not around back then and therefore was not an established strong hold that it is today.

Armenia is one of the nations of the middle east that claim to be the first christian nations on earth. So Assyria also claims to be christian even amoungst an Islamic world. Maybe not the first nation though.

I believe that there will arise out of Turkey a political figure either before Turkeys acceptance into the EU, or after. This person will come from obscurity into national attention saying the right things and bringing in favorable laws to bring about a peace or peaceable means to attain what he wants. He will eventually be elected to serve as the President of the EU ( that is a rotating Presidency) and a very short term event. I have not done the research on that yet, but will given time. This man that I am referring to will be the antichrist.

He will have been be brought up in a mixed sociaty of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. He will have a ambidexterous way of thinking. Both eastern and western way of thought. Kinda like the beer commercial on TV, ( the most interesting man in the world). The answer man for the age. A very Magnanamous political figure coming from seemingly nowhere.

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